Latest News

****Head Coach Announcement****

06 August 2014
Appointment of new Head Coach

Summer training timetable

02 August 2014
Reminder of summer training

Nuneaton League R3

01 July 2014
Results now posted in documents folder

Bronze Assessments

02 June 2014
Results of Bronze assessments are now posted

Report of Midland Youth Championships

20 May 2014
Report on Joe Essery & Ruth Hadley's achievements

PGL Round 4 Report

18 May 2014
R4 at Cheltenham - a great evening for our swimmers

Nuneaton Round 2 report

16 May 2014
Coaches report from gala at Wyndley Leisure Centre

Nuneaton League R1 report

15 April 2014
Coaches report on R1 of the Nuneaton League R1 @ Rubgy 5th April

PGL League

15 April 2014
Coaches report on R3 of PGL @ Smethwick

Worcester County Championships

08 April 2014
Report of our swimmers success